Warthog Guéré mask


Guéré or Wè are traditionally residing in west-central Côte d’Ivoire. Guéré is a designation developed by a colonial administrator for the people living south of the Dan. Female initiation societies have been maintained, and age grades of both sexes are still prominent. A cultural trait is the presence of women chiefs. Guéré society is characterized by weak political authority, with spiritual leadership having a separate role. Until recently Guéré were exclusively subsistence farmers; cash cropping has brought rapid social and economic changes. They belong to a language cluster encompassing ethnic groups in south-west Côte d’Ivoire and south-eastern Liberia, called Krou. This cluster includes Bété, Dida, Wobe, Grebo and a people simply called Krou. More generally Krou is a term applied by Europeans to the coast between Monrovia and Grand Lahou and the coast population who served for many generations as sailors on European ships.

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Ivory Coast

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