Passport mask by Bete


Passport mask by Bete. Miniature masks, often called “passport” masks, are found among various peoples of Ivory Coast, including the Bete. They are the personal masks of initiated adult men. Besides, passport were carried while traveling. Passport masks mark the passage of an initiate into secret society and his right to be present and participate during deliberations.

The Bete ethnic group, originally from the Ivory Coast, has a patriarchal society, in which agriculture is the main livelihood. This population is characterized by a deep religiosity and superstition, so that the animal sacrifice is still practiced. The Bete masks show the influence of the cultures close to them, such as the Guro. Originally, masks were designed for war. In fact, they were used to instill fear in the enemies, while also providing a magical protection to the wearer. At the same time, these masks were used for funeral ceremonies.


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