Kota-Obamba Reliquary (mbulu ngulu)


Kota-Obamba Reliquary (mbulu ngulu), Gabon. This Kota reliquary figure is characteristic of the Kota-Obamba style, which emanated from the heart of the Kota region and more specifically the southern Kota (Haut-Ogooué, Gabon). It is a sculpture of impressive volume and a remarkably clean design of pure, uncluttered lines. It is a powerful example of Gabonese artistry, as well as an honored memorial to Kota sculptors, blacksmiths and ancestral initiates. The mbulu-ngulu figures, which exhibit a serene, curious sense of detachment, are among the most stylized of all African figures. They are made of carved wood, covered with a sheet of copper or brass, to protect the dead. Its traditional function, as a guardian figure standing against a wall, had a direct influence upon its form. Estimated age: first half of 1900


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