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Head from Kingdom of Benin C988B017. This brass head comes from the Kingdom of Benin, region corresponding to the actual Nigeria. It’s a wonderful example of metal processing, thanks to its well-defined details and the expressiveness of the face. There is speculation that heads like this were commemorative representations or war trophies. With the most dangerous enemies’ heads Benin’s artisans would have made brass castings, to be placed on the altars of war, or to be sent as a warning to successors.

Benin was one of the largest kingdoms in Africa. It was dominated by the absolute figure of the Oba, the king. Most of the Benin artistic works are made of bronze. Through the fusion of this material, different social representations have been performed. The Oba, in fact, order to carve in his honor various objects: stools and thrones, ceremonial pipes, vessels for food, spoons, combs, fly swatter, supports for the neck. The sacred element was emphasized by an accurate artistic execution. The representations of the monarch Oba are among the most beautiful and expressive ones, as those of the king on horseback in ceremonial apparatus. Oba was worshiped as a deity and all the decorations of the palace were dedicated to him.

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