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Extraordinary Grebo mask for tribal dance. It stands out for its disarming simplicity: a board with shaped contours, on which come to light the long and sharp nose, the cylindrical eyes and the rectangular mouth. In this naiveté, there’s so much elegance in the contour lines, so much sensitivity in the soft modulation and in the volumetric distribuition, where volumes imperiously emerge from the flat surface. This is one of those masks that surely were a source of inspiration for Pablo Picasso.

Grebo’s masks represent where the invisible spirits of the forest lie. They are of two types: the first tends to naturalism, while the second one is more geometrical. All masks present the typical solution adopted by African artists, and codified by Grebo’s figurative tradition, that is to say simple but strong features, harmonic and stylized contours (such as the depiction of the eyes, which are cylindrical reliefs instead of holes). Grebo’s art influenced Picasso in some of his various works.

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