Particularly relevant items are submitted to the IR Spectrometric Test, internationally acknowledged by the Scientific Lab of the Art and Science Museum of Milan. This examination determines scientifically the age of an object, with an approximation of + or – 8 years.

Spectroscopy is the only existing method to date the majority of wooden African items.

All the items on the site come from Africa, in particular from Central Africa.

Artmorello co-works with practiced trustful African researchers, who with peculiar care and patience visit villages in Central Africa in order to find authentic African art objects, used by tribes for everyday routine and rituals.

This cooperation allows obtaining finely crafted artworks; besides, talking directly to local people, we can verify items’ conditions and give indications about customers’ requests.

Moreover, Artmorello offers African artworks conceived as furniture at the end of XX century, fascinating and unique, conveying the beauty of African art.

For each purchased item, Artmorello provides a product sheet, with a self-certification concerning provenance and authenticity, with a detailed description of the mentioned object.