Artmorello offers the best original African art, chosen through the Italian aesthetic understanding.
The suggested art pieces are unique and addressed not only to collectors but also to interior designers and decorators.

Besides trading, the purpose of this site is to let you know about the beauty of a sculpture or an African mask, showing how a simple “piece of wood” could become an accessory perfectly matching both with modern and antique furniture, in a country or classic location.

Thanks to stylized yet graceful and polished features, the recommended items can adapt to every kind of setting; studios, offices, houses or showrooms are places where a piece of African art can be the artistic key element to customize and personalize your space. For example, the contrast between these artworks and modern furnishings, with cold materials such as marble and glass, or with ethereal shades, is perfect to give personality to your home. Original and filled with history, with an empty yet deep look, with wear and tear marks: just a single mask, hanged instead of the same old painting, could notably increase the aesthetic quality of a living room, a sitting room or a hall.

Here you can find original antique works of art of high aesthetical and historical value, for collectors who already know Ethnic African art; we also provide all the characteristics that a piece of African art must have to consider as original.

Moreover, we recommend another line of pieces; they are also African but accurate reproductions. We suggest them to interior designers or private buyers not looking for items with historical or ethnological value but who are purely interested to aesthetic value.